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That’s What Teens Say was developed to empower young girls to find their story, own their story and share their story.

We create a safe space for teens to get outside their comfort zone, build their confidence and communication skills, and connect with their peers in a judgment-free environment. They discover how their unique gifts will make a positive impact on the world.

Now more than ever, young girls need to be given a stage where they are encouraged to speak up, share, and listen to each other’s stories to understand compassion and the importance of human connections.

3 Days of Building Confidence, Enhancing Communication Skills, and Sharing Stories

Building Empowerment

Through Empathy

That’s What Teens Say is a 3-Day intensive program – we focus on building confidence and connections! We take the girls through an experience like no other, complete with icebreakers, writing exercises, guest speakers, improv games, and so much more! The weekend ends with the girls sharing their own personal stories that they have worked on throughout the event as a final story-sharing performance.

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